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Andy Loves Joe

...can't cover it up!

Andy Hearts Joe
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Welcome to andylovesjoe!
As long are you're here...
We are a slash community.
If you aren't into that I'd suggest hitting the back button right now.
For those of you still here sit tight now.
We have a couple of things to go over.

The Rules:
- You can post anything that has to do with Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy. This means fanfiction, art, icons, or pictures.
- Be kind to all members. The means no flaming, trolling, spamming or whatever. Constructive criticism is great. Just don't be a jerk.
- Please type correctly. tYpIn' LiiKe diS isn't going to get you anywhere.

Rules regarding posts:

Failure to abide by these rules will result in your post being rejected.

- This community is friends locked for a reason. Please make all posts friends only.
- Responding to a challenge? The rules are simple. Link back to that entry and put the right subject line. If tags are asked for please include them.
- If your post is declined feel free to correct the problem and resubmit.
- We are only human and sometimes let posts through that should have been rejected. If you are asked to correct something please do so.
- LJ cuts are mandatory for long posts or posts with more than four icons or two banners.
- Links to previous chapters are also necessary. If you wanna know how to make your links look pretty please see the codes section below.
- When posting a fanfiction please use the following format:

We are aware we do not own any persons mentioned in this community.

Meet Your Maintainers:
If you need help with anything feel free to IM either of these lovely ladies.

AIM - xLeptisMagnax
E-Mail - celestialheavens19@hotmail.com

New Members:
Wanna introduce yourself?
Just fill out this handy application!

Have fun you guys and we hope you are here to stay.

dead_on_fic slashypunkboys
stumphurleylove petexmikey
fallout_rainbow searchslash
bert_and_gerard trohslashstump
Wanna be buds? Just ask a mod or maintainer!

Beta List

Please refer to this post if you would like to be added.

AIM - xthedays
E-Mail - ibzico@hotmail.com

AIM - amitryptilin
E-mail/MSN - xpeter.pan.complex@hotmail.com

AIM - xLeptisMagnax
E-mail - celestialheavens19@hotmail.com

E-mail - motleyemnmay@hotmail.co.uk

AIM - penguinsonmymind (e-mail first to get on AIM buddy list)
E-mail - c_bach@skidmore.edu

AIM - masochistXcore
MSN/E-mail - tfodeath@hotmail.com

MSN - emo_squee@hotmail.com

The memories are organized by author.
You can also find all the challenges and graphics challenges by number.

These are important, guys.

Minus the asteriks *

Some awesome banners made by the wonderful artists here at andylovesjoe.
Please, please, please do not remove the credits.

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